Thursday, May 16, 2013

On A Leave.

Will be leaving this country for the next two weeks. One tough decision. I never am that kind of flexible person anyway. To leave all of these duties and daily activities all behind is.. Hard. But God has been so good on me all these times and I know that God didn't wait for a perfect time to give those blessings. So I guess it's time. To simply say thanks for all these blessings and kindness, for my amazing life. Wish me one meaningful trip, yes?


Because you won't always be young. And life won't always be just about you. So travel. Experience the world for all it's worth.

Star Trek Into Darkness.

Had a movie date yesterday with boyfriend. Decided to watch this though both of us didn't watch the previous. One very recommended movie. Lots of witty jokes that'll make you laugh so hard, visually spectacular and suitably action packed. Better watch it in 3D.
And the best part would be that you don't have to be a Trekkie to enjoy this movie. I'd give eight out of ten.

And oh, look what we're doing while waiting for the movie.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Day Off.

It was a typical day off at first. I was home, planning to go out with the boyfriend later on and decided to chill out a bit by watching tv while having a cup of tea. Yet all of the sudden my boyfriend called and told me that his family asking him to go out and they wanted me to go along with them. And by the time he called he's 5 minutes away already from my home, with his family. Yes, I've only got 5 minutes for myself to get ready.
So after "Oh my God-what to wear-I'm so gonna kill you my boyfriend" phase has passed, there you go, me sitting in his family car ready to hit the road. Lots of jokes, laughter and funny conversations. His father is one of a kind. Very funny man. 
Our first stop is some sort of Puja Sera (Forgot the name of the place) in Trawas, just to have a couple of snacks and then we're heading to our second destination. His villa. We stopped by for an hour or two. It was an old house with an amazing view. Very soothing and calming atmosphere. And I don't know is it the weather or his family. Good times.
After an hour or two we decided to have a very late lunch at a restaurant called Sendang Raos. A restaurant with an amazing view and lots of tasty foods.
And there goes my unplanned, joyful and very fun trip with his family. Too bad i didn't take that much photos, wait for another trip with lots more photos yes? ;)

p.s : On that very same day, I got the chance to meet this very cute yet annoying yet missable yet I don't know you name it creature, RALPH!

A typical day off that turned out to be.. Not so typical. I had fun. :)


Friday, April 12, 2013

A Letter To My Sister

Dear Kakak,
It's been couple of weeks already since your wedding day. So how does it feels to finally found someone to love whole heartedly for the rest of your life?

I didn't miss you that much though. Because things haven't changed that much between us. You are you. Knowing you for my entire life is.. amazing. 
It still feels like.. yesterday. When we were walking together after school hours, with our cute backpack, holding hands, telling how I get annoyed with my silly friends and you told me about your scary teacher. Did you remember that I always turn my head on you everytime Papa ask me, "Dek pergi sama Papa yuk." I'll answer with "Mau, tapi sama Kakak juga ya Pah." 
You are my everything. My trend setter, my role model. As an older sister you have this thing that others won't be able to see, unless of course, if they are your younger sister. You love me too much. That, I could tell. There are no days when you wouldn't ask "Dek mau titip apa? Kakak lagi di sini nih." You're always been that kind of girl who's able to prioritize everyone. If it were you, nobody gets left behind. Even until you have Mas Ido by your side. That ability of yours never fails to amaze me. One caring daughter and sister.
Did you have your first argument with Mas Ido already? Is it big? What is it about?
Oh God knows we fight a lot. We fight about everything. Did you remember our first fight? 
It was when we were kids and it's your birthday. We were celebrate it at home, the party hasn't started, but I was just being.. me. I was hungry, so I simply ate your birthday cake, a tiny part of it. And no, you didn't mad at me. You were smiling and said "Ma, adek laper."
That's so you, Kak. You always protect me from everything. Even from my own mistakes.

And during those wedding preparations, there are days when you look like you're about to explode. Yet there are also lots of beautiful moments when I saw your shining and bright look. Your pre-wedd photo session for example. With those balloons and city lights, both of you look extremely happy.

On those rough days I never see you blaming others, not even once. Though sometimes I could see that you look exhausted yet you didn't complain about anything. Those fights with Mom, those tiny little details about catering and invitations that you both prepared by yourself. You look so excited. Those days showed me that you guys are in love. Madly in love. I remember there are times when you are being so annoying when things gets a bit messy. But then I saw Mas Ido make fun of those messiness and you'll laugh. Effortlessly happy. You want everything to be perfect. And it is, for me, one perfect wedding.
Later on, when you found some obstacles or difficulties on your marriage life.
Or when the honeymoon ended and this wedding party euphoria passed.
I want this letter to be a small reminder of how happy life could be. 
You make him happy. He makes you happy. Both of you makes all of us happy.
So please, be happy, and I know you will, with Mas Ido by your side.

I Love You, both.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surprise Surprise!!!

I love surprises. Being the one who's giving one, or else, being the one who receive the surprise. I love them both. To be involved in one particular thing, the idea just to make sure the people who's celebrating their birthday is being happy.. Wonderful feeling.

Things don't always go as planned. We've failed. A lot of times. In Reyner's birthday for instance, it's... Total chaos. We went all together to the airport with all the balloons, birthday's hats yet he saw us right before the cake arrived. But who cares? It never is about the cake, the hats nor the successful plan. It's the thought. Being there just to make sure the birthday boy got a proper birthday greets. Creating a lifetime moment which will make you smile once you remember it. It's all worth the effort.

Then it came to my birthday. It was July 22nd, 2012. I was at Anesthesia Departement at that time, having my night shift at the operation room. Yep. Having your night shift on your birthday was... Not a good idea. And the idea to switch schedules with one of my friend wasn't a good idea either, due to a very tight shift schedule. So there I am. Having my night shift on July 21st. And it was... Hectic. Some of the operation didn't went well. Me and my friend were running around to help the residents. It was unusual. And there you go, around 1 a.m my boyfriend texted me, telling me that he's waiting for me and I have to go outside to meet him because he got something to give. Then i went outside, he brought me to the rooftop of the emergency unit. And yes. Everyone's there. everyone I love. My best friends, my sister and her boyfriend, candles, gifts.. It was.. Magical. We even lights some lampions on. I feel.. special and blessed to be surrounded by people who love me that much. That would definitely be one of my most favorite day. They did it. It was more than a birthday surprise for me. I remember clearly how i feel when I saw them, that indescribable wonderful feeling.

A lot of things will eventually 'get old' but not (never) surprises. For they are the doers of magic. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Karung Besar

Her name is Kandita. Kandita Arjani. When I ask her what does her name mean, she told me that it means Karung Besar. I laughed. Without knowing that she is, my karung besar. A place where I could hide when the universe hates me, when people telling me bad things, when my days are going rough. She's always there.

Our friendship started out at our first semester in medschool. Hard times. I never was a sociable person. I tend to feel uncomfortable surrounded by people I barely know. It was our first day, starting medschool. I was late, so I gotta sit at the back rows of the class. Which is good, for me. Cause i could do this thing I like the most. Observe people. I see a lot of my new friends started to make friends, becoming groups, same high school, same hometown, and I... feel left out. I saw them talking to each other, tag the seats to make sure they’ll sit next to people they knew already. While me? Reading Raditya Dika's book and talking to no one. And there she goes, standing beside me, in an annoying gesture. "Agit ya? Sebelah kamu kosong ngga? Bisa duduk disitu?" And that time, i nodded, without knowing, that big, fat, clumsy girl who's sitting next to me will become my best friend. My half. My everything.
So then we're becoming best friend. Unseparated. I can't even think of any special moments which she wasn't attending. None. She's always there. We were two very different people. Like, totally. She's more like so talkative, clumsy and fun kinda girl. While me.. not so much. I can't do chit chat, I hate being in crowded places. Being with her means.. everything. We could just stare at each other and laugh, without knowing what we're laughing about.
She teaches me a lot. She never slap me on my face if I do or even DID something wrong. She knows, I'm stubborn enough not to listen, and I'll have every answer not to listen to her advice. She knows. So when I've messed things up, she'll talk. With her own way, telling me that it's a wrong thing to do, but her advice will ended up with "This is your life anyway, do whatever you want, take every risks along. Good decisions will bring you happiness, bad decisions will teach you a lesson. I'll be here, I'll back you up, whatever your decision is." She is strong enough, to stay by my side, even when I don't want her to.
We didn't text each other everyday, nope, not that often. But she's always there. Once she went to my house after I called and told her I had a bad day, she came, gave me one cute little Piglet, my favorite. I was speechless. It was never about the gift. It's the thought. She always has this thing, that thing which I couldn't help but feel blessed, that she is around.
If you are reading this Dit, i just want you to know, that I do am. Feel blessed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for being you.

"Family isn't always about blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs, the one who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what."

Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...."

Have you watch that latest Spider-Man movie? Some say it was a lame movie. Well for me.. I don't know, it might not as good as the Tobey Maguire's version, but.. Yea you know, who could refuse the nerd, charming, rebellious and cute Andrew Garfield? *big grin*

Talking about this movie.. There's this scene, *i hope i'm not spoiling anything here*, when Peter was asking Gwen for a date, there's this charm between those two that makes me remember that moment when I talk to him for the first time. Those butterflies, awkward yet cute "I don't know what to say but i do hope you know i'm trying so hard to look good in front of you" moment. With that "Till Kingdom Come" song at the end of the scene, love.